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lukstentos seklos 100glukstentos seklos 100g

Organic hulled hemp seeds 100g.

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Hempus Organic Hemp Seeds have a pleasant & nutty taste and it is a versatile product that you may enjoy as a snack or incorporate into recipes (toasted to salads, soups, pastries, sauces, smoothies, and more). It’s a SUPERFOOD across all market places in the world. Audiance of potential customers who value nutrition and are health-minded have an increasing trend month over month. They are a natural source of protein and essential fatty acids. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

To ensure the highest nutritional value and taste quality we are very selective when it comes to the raw product. Grown produced and packed in Lithuania. Certified Organic by the Certification of Agricultural and Food Products Ekoagros.

LT-EKO-001, EU agriculture.


Nutritional value 2473 kJ/597 kCal
Fat 50,2 g
Of which:
saturated 4,78 g
monounsaturated 5,59 g
polyunsaturated 39,7 g
Carbohydrates 0,6 g
Of which:
Sugars <1,0 g
Fibrous materials 5,0 g
Protein 33,3 g
Druska 0,01 g
Omega 3 9,41 g
Omega 6 27,9 g
Omega 9 2,39 g


Vitaminas E 3,2 mg 27%
Vitaminas B1 1,2 mg 109%
Vitaminas B3 4,0 mg 25%
Vitaminas B6 1,1 mg 79%
Vitaminas B9 120,0 ug 60%
Iron 11,0 mg 79%
Phosphorus 1700,0 mg 243%
Magnesium 690,0 mg 184%
Zinc 9,6 mg 96%
Copper 1,5 mg 150%
Manganese 7,5 mg 375%
Potassium 1200,0 mg 60%

*RDA – The Recommended Dietary Allowance.

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