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Peanut butter 320g.

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Not happy with the usually over the top sweet peanut butter we, Hempus, have created our own version. Sugar and sweeteners free, it is made of peanuts that are lightly toasted, grinded and mixed with nutritious hemp seeds and hemp oil.

Peanut butter is a natural source of plant-based protein and is a good choice for vegetarians, vegans, and raw foodies. Indispensable for athletes. This mixture of nuts ant hemp seeds will easily win over even the greatest lovers of sweets. Just spread some Hempus butter on pancakes, cookies, waffles or fruits and you will see.


This product has these useful features:
100 g the product is 26 g. vegetable protein
Helps to grow and maintain muscle mass
No sweeteners and flavor additives
100 g the product is 20 g. polyunsaturated fat
suitable for vegans, vegetarians
important for normal bone condition


Nut butter with hemp seeds nutrition value: 100 g:
Energy: 2541kJ/613kcal
Total fat 48,0 g
Of which:
saturated fat 6,0 g
polinesaturated fat 20,0 g
Carbohydrate 9,1 g
Of which: 4,0 g
Sugars 5,0 g
Fiber 6,4 g
Protein 26,0 g
Salts 0,02 g


Milk, wheat, almonds and walnut traces could be found

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