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Hemp tea with mint 25g.

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Hempus hemp tea is handpicked and delights the palate with a subtle, mild and refreshing taste. A combination of hemp and mint aromas is, most probably, the most harmonious way to create a tender cooling effect on your mind and body. Hemp and mint are grown on reliable Lithuanian farms, are meticulously selected and dried especially for you. Hemp and mint tea has a sedative effect thus it is best consumed before sleep, after intense physical or mental activity. The product contains 0.9–1.3% of cannabinoid (CBD), a chemical with an ever-growing list of scientifically proven positive effects. An increasing number of studies shows that CBD helps to reduce anxiousness, depression or inflammation and hinders the growth of cancer cells.


1 liter of water needs 2-3 grams of cannabis tea.
The optimal amount of tea per cup is 0.5 g or 1 teaspoon.
Pour boiling water, cover for 1-3 minutes (to taste) to reveal all the good herbal properties and release essential oils.
If you like more sweet – spoon a honey.
Tea can be used up to 2 times.

Dried Fenugreek
Leaves (70%), peppermint leaves (30%)
Net content: 25 g.

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