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Hemp seed protein 250g.

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Do you happen to know that some plants contain protein that is more than similar to human? Industrial hemp seeds can boast of all 9 amino acids that are essential to humans. This product is almost 50% plant-based protein, therefore it is considered to be the richest and most natural protein source for vegetarians, vegans and raw foodies.

Hemp seed protein is easily absorbed by the human system and, because of its splendidly balanced pH, does not cause any digestive problems. It also helps to rebuild and develop lean muscle mass, therefore is a perfect choice for athletes and people who lead an active way of life.

Hempus hemp seed protein is sold as powder and is easy to mix into smoothies, soups, porridges, sauces, cake batters and pastries. It can also be used in various shakes that are recommended after or before exercising.


Hemp protein nutrition value: 100 g:
Energy: 1452 kJ/347 kCal
Total fat 11,0 g
Of which:
saturated fat 1,0 g
mononesaturated fat 1,0 g
polinesaturated fat 9,1 g
Carbohydrate 4,0 g
Of which:
Sugars 4,0 g
Fiber 18,0 g
Protein 49,0 g
Salts 0,0 g
Omega 3 2,2 g
ALA 2,1 g
SDA 0,1 g
Omega 6 6,9 g
LA 5,4 g
GLA 0,5 g




Vitaminai ir mineralinės medžiagos 100 g: RMV*
Vitaminas B1 1,3 mg 118%
Vitaminas B2 0,4 mg 29%
Vitaminas B3 6,0 mg 38%
Vitaminas B6 1,5 mg 107%
Vitaminas B9 220,0 ug 110%
Geležies 23,0 mg 164%
Kalcio 170,0 mg 21%
Fosforo 1800,0 mg 257%
Magnio 750,0 mg 200%
Cinko 12,0 mg 120%
Vario 2,1 mg 210%
Mangano 15,0 mg 750%
Kalio 1300,0 mg 65%



Hemp protein

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